The aim of the BIOCOPACPLUS project is to develop a bio-based lacquer for application on the outside and inside of tinplate cans.

BIOCOPACPLUS addresses for the first time the development and use of biobased thermosetting lacquer from renewable resources in the rigid packaging sector.

The said lacquer will originate from processing by-products in the tomato industry, offering alternative strategies for waste utilisation, in accordance with Directive 2008/98/EC. BIOCOPAC will contribute to maintain the competitiveness of the metal packaging sector and to improve the competitive position of the SMEs participants.

The long-term objectives of BiocopacPlus are:

  • Utilisation of renewable raw materials for the extraction of natural resins for lacquers.
  • Reduction in tomato wastes to be disposed of.
  • Production of natural lacquers for food cans.
  • Improvements making for a healthier working environment in resin and lacquer factories.
  • Provision of a safe and recyclable metal packaging.
  • Establishment of new products for the European SME metal packaging and preserved food producers leading to increasing competitiveness.

The industrial objectives of BiocopacPlus are:

  • Re-utilisation of processing by-products from the tomato industry. Extraction of the bio-resin from tomato peels using solely environmentally friendly methods.
  • Formulation of a natural lacquer to be applied to metal packaging for food products possessing chemico-physical properties comparable to those of conventional ones and usable in present-day industrial plants.
  • Production of a natural lacquer that safeguards consumer health and respects the environment..
  • Production of an innovative packaging metal for food products, so as to increase the competitiveness of metal packagings compared to plastic ones.
  • Implementation of research in the sector of biomaterials to be utilised in the food packaging field, representing a very broad knowledge base.
  • Dissemination of the BiocopacPlus technological results to the food and packaging industry, in particular SMEs.